Very Strange Issue with JFW and Panasonic ToughPad

Coleman, Alton A <ColemanAA@...>

Good afternoon all.

Our department just purchased a large number of Panasonic Toughpad FZ-Q2 laptops.

These are the units that consist of a stand-alone tablet that mounts to a keyboard assembly, so that you can use it as a traditional laptop, or as a touch-screen tablet.


I installed JAWS 18 (and subsequently JAWS 2018) on my FZ-Q2, and set the keyboard layout to Laptop mode, as would be expected.

However, the CAPSLOCK key does not work as the JAWS modifier key.

I.e. I can press CAPSLOCK and the letter T to read the window title, but all I get is the system default beep. Same results with any commands that require the use of the “JAWS Key”.


I have set the JAWS key function to the Scroll Lock key in Settings Center, and even tried remapping CapsLock to another key (using a key mapping utility), but I get the same results.


Additionally, when I attach a standard full-size USB keyboard to the FZ-Q2, everything works as it should, including the CAPSLOCK as the JAWS key.


I did install JAWS on a few other Q2 units, just to see if it may just be an issue with my specific machine, but again, I received the same results on those as well.


I did contact the support department at VFO Group, but they just didn’t have a clue.


Has anyone experienced similar issues with JAWS and this particular laptop model (or any other model), or would you have any ideas on what would be causing this phenomenon and how I might go about getting it resolved?


Thanks for any insight or feedback you can provide.


Alex Coleman

Technical Systems Analyst 2

Energy Delivery GIS

Gainesville Regional Utilities

PO Box 147117, Station E2-C

4747 N Main St., Gainesville, FL  32614-7117


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