Re: What happened to "Research it"???


actually its a shame to FS because they don't ask permission to use these people's web page info. research-it should be rmoeved from the program. come on now! this is a screen reader program, not a search program!
Legend has it that on Monday 12/5/2011 05:31 PM, Farfar on Laptop said:
It's a sad and well-known fact that every time ESPN changes it's web format
the sports scores break. FS has no control over this. But it underscores how
fragile ResearchIt is as a tool. I've had the stock quotes break at various
times, and others have reported problems with other features. All due to the
underlying web pages changing without asking permission from Freedom
Scientific. What nerve!

Dave Carlson
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Maybe I should have made my question clearer. The sports scores for
all flavors of sports only lists (1) answer and the press escape to
close message.
Yes it did work on the business search also.

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