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Thanks for the F8 key stroke. I didn’t know about it.

Unfortunately it is not working and keeping the formatting in the table structure.

I tried pasting into word and into excel and I had no table in word and all the information pasted into column A of the worksheet.



I had some one help me recreate it.

It is one of those convoluted cell phone quotes and they are trying to be sneeky about all the hidden charges.

That irks me. I like to crunch the numbers and make that math work like they say it will.


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Subject: Re: Selecting Tables in HTML or pdf


This is easy with JAWS for Windows.

  • Focus in the table (Make sure you’re focused at the top of the table with the virtual cursor)
  • Press F8 to select the entire table
  • Copy the table to your clipboard
  • Paste it into Excel


I tried this with several tables and received mixed results with the F8. If the F8 doesn’t select the whole table (read selected text with JAWS KEY-SHFIT-NUMPAD 2), you can also use standard Windows text selection command. JAWS alerts you when you reach the end of the table.


Pasting into Excel worked well for me when I tested these steps.






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Subject: Selecting Tables in HTML or pdf


Hi all,

I have a pdf that tells me that it has a table with  7 columns and 28 rows.

Can I select this table to copy it into excel?





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