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Hi Laura,


Are you speaking of the list view in the “Open” or “Save As” dialog? If your documents aren’t all showing, it could be the “File of Type” combo box.


When you open the dialog, press TAB once to focus on the “File Type” combo box and use UP and DOWN ARROW to insure you have the right document type selected. The default should be Word Document .docx.


When you change the file type in that combo box, it affects the documents displayed in the list view.






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Subject: Please help ...... Missing folders & files




Using Windows 10, Jaws 18 & MS Word 2016 ……


I plugged in my headphone to my laptop.  Jaws asked what type of headphone and gave me a list of six to choose from; headphones, headphones with microphone, headset, etc.  I pressed enter on headphones and the headphones worked.  I opened a file, typed a few notes, and closed that file.  I then got on the internet and did a few Google searches.  When I got off the internet and went back to my documents I noticed Some of my folders and files are missing.  I checked the recycle bin and they are not there.  I also shut down the computer and turned it back on and they are still not there.


NOTE:  If I arrow through the  folders and files in my documents there are quite a few that are not being read to me but when I press the first letter of a file or folder that’s missing Jaws will say the name of that specific file or folder.


I’m not very tech savvy and have no idea why this would happen …… Would somebody please help?


Thank you,






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