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CathyAnne Murtha <cathy@...>

This is easy with JAWS for Windows.

  • Focus in the table (Make sure you’re focused at the top of the table with the virtual cursor)
  • Press F8 to select the entire table
  • Copy the table to your clipboard
  • Paste it into Excel


I tried this with several tables and received mixed results with the F8. If the F8 doesn’t select the whole table (read selected text with JAWS KEY-SHFIT-NUMPAD 2), you can also use standard Windows text selection command. JAWS alerts you when you reach the end of the table.


Pasting into Excel worked well for me when I tested these steps.






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Subject: Selecting Tables in HTML or pdf


Hi all,

I have a pdf that tells me that it has a table with  7 columns and 28 rows.

Can I select this table to copy it into excel?





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