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Hello Stan and Bonnie,

Both my wife and I are having the exact same problem and we're using
separate machines.

I spoke to tech help at Sight and Sound tech here in the UK and both Freedom
Scientific and Microsoft are aware of this problem, and others I think.
Apparently I've been informed that both Freedom Scientific and microsoft are
aware of these problems and are working on it, I sure hope so! there will be
a jaws 2018 update in December, next week hopefully but the guy I spoke to
wasn't sure if this problem will be sorted with this upgrade.

My own feelings at this moment are that this isn't just a technical issue
but a consumer rights issue as well. We're paying through the nose for Jaws
and we're paying for Microsoft applications and we're not getting our moneys
worth. Something not right here.
Jim McAuslan

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Bonnie: You are not the only one with this problem. I am having it with
Outlook 2016 and so is a friend. I think it an Outlook problem rather than a
Jaws issue.


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Sorry, I had to finish my last email in a bit of a hurry. Thanks so much for
this! Explanation. The problem is that it is no longer allowing me to choose
the email it auto fills, it’s picking on its own. It’s clear that some
setting somewhere has changed. It’s picking an email and then picking a
second and third email when I continue to try to type the email that I want.
It’s extremely frustrating. I am up to the current release of jaws, and I’m
thinking that somewhere some setting got accidentally shifted. I don’t know
why else the behavior would have suddenly changed. I will try to look at the
Settings box that you mentioned, but I do want it to auto fill, I just want
to have some control over what it auto fills.

I guess no one else is having this problem, though. So it’s something about
my settings.

Thanks, Bonnie
On Nov 27, 2017, at 11:47 AM, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:

This has always been this way except that for a while the auto-complete
function was broken and Jaws didn't read the suggestions which popped up
as you type.
Personally I find this extremely convenient because for the most part I
just have to type the first few letters of an email and the rest is
automatically filled or I can type a few letters and then down arrow to
find the one I want.
But, if I have an email which starts with "john" and I have 5 emails in my
auto complete which start with John then I just keep typing and ignore the
suggestions and as soon as you type the first letter that is different
than all the addresses your auto-complete remembers it will stop.
What version of Jaws are you using? In 2018 the behaviour has changed a
bit in that it now only reads the first suggestion when you type 2 or 3
letters, after that it stops and you have to actually down arrow to hear
the rest.
Of course if you really hate this you can turn this off by going to File >
Options, then go to the "Mail" tab/category (most likely you have to down
arrow once) and now you have to either tab I think 36 times or back tab
(shift+tab) 23 times to get to the following item:

Use Auto-Complete List to suggest names when typing in the To, Cc, and Bcc
lines check box checked

Press the spacebar to uncheck this and, for good measure, tab once more to
the buttonv "Empty Auto Complete List" and press the spacebar to activate
it which will clear out your list of auto complete suggestions.
OK, now that I told you how to do it the long way (it's a good idea to tab
through all these options to see what's there), here is the easy way which
means the keyboard shortcut:
Alt+F followed by T opens Options.
Find the Mail tab/category by using down arrow (or up arrow), it's the
second from the top after "General".
Press Alt+G and this will uncheck the " Use Auto-Complete List to suggest
names when typing in the To, Cc, and Bcc lines" check box.
Now tab once more to the "Empty 'Auto Complete List" and activate it, then
don't forget to tab about 22 times to "OK" and activate it, if you don't
the setting won't stick.


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Subject: Trouble with entering addresses in outlook 2016

Hello, I started having this problem probably a month or maybe two months
ago. I actually don’t use Outlook all that often, as usually are use my
phone. However, when I am in Outlook and try to enter an email address,
The program takes the first letter I typed in and picks up the very first
email address that matches and insert it, even before I can type a second
letter. Then it takes the second letter and vines that email address and
inserts that. Needless to say, this does not work at all for me getting
the correct address into my address line. I don’t know why it has changed,
or why it is so difficult to type in an address that I want. I don’t want
to have to go to my address book every time I want to put in addresses, as
I don’t actually keep my address book in outlook, so it is kind of a pain
to get to. Does anyone have a fix for this? I just wanted to let me type
in the whole word before it decides which address to choose.

Thanks, Bonnie

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