Re: I've never done a jaws upgrade before

Mike B. <mb69mach1@...>

If you install J18, it won't install over J17, it installs an entirely new version of Jaws on your computer.  So, you'll have both J17 & J18 on your computer, but that's just fine, most Jaws users have more than  1 version of Jaws installed on their computers.  Personally I have J16 thru J2018, + NVDA latest installed on all my computers.
You can set Jaws to alert you when updates are available if you want.  I always poast direct download links to the latest Jaws updates + what's new with the latest update to this, & a few other lists'.
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Subject: I've never done a jaws upgrade before

  from, mack  have jaws 17 if I do an upgrade to the next update of jaws 18, do I just install it over version 17. I know this will take away one of my s m a's. when the next update comes out in December, and I open jaws, will I get a prompt to update, thanks

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