Re: JFW 13 with Kindle for PC

Gary King

I'm afraid there's not much you can do about Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plugin to improve the speech. You only have control of the speed of the speech and whether the speech is male or female. the OCR in JFW 13 can read the pages of a book in the program, but since pages are usually printed in columns, and Convenient OCR doesn't decolumnize the text, JFW will just read across the columns. As far as I can determine, there hasn't been an update in the program since January 2011. I have mine set to update automatically, but I haven't received any notification that it has been updated. Does the About dialog under your Help show any date later than January?

Gary King

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I have just installed Kindle for PC. I have figured out how to get a book
and read it. However, it seems to read in a very choppy manner. I'm not
sure if it's pausing between lines or sentences. I have speeded up the
speech rate but it is still irritatingly choppy. Any suggestions?


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