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Nate, when I had FF 56, I became aware of the recommendation to install
the ESR release over what I had. but 4 days later FF updated
automatically and silently to version 56.0.2 after I started FF the next
day even though I changed the setting of updating to check but let me
decide when to install it. I wound up uninstalling 56 and reinstalling
ESR, but it updated again in 4 days. I finally wound up uninstalling 56
again more thoroughly and wound up reinstalling ESR, but again FF
updated to 56, so I left it and am using the portable ESR version, but
wondered why the installed version kept updating to 56.

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Subject: Unending problems with firefox

I am glad that it is working, but you should not have had to uninstall
version 57. Never the less, if it is working then two thumbs up.
Take care,

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Hello again:
I thank all those who took time up to respond to my issue with firefox.
I actually successfully re-installed the extended support release 52.5 a
few hours ago. I had to uninstall firefox 57 before installing the
ESR. I didn't know before then that I have to remove that program. I
thought the ESR works with firefox 57.
All the same, I now have firefox running again on my computer.
Thanking you all again.

On 11/27/17, Carol Smith via Groups.Io <>
Chrome was very easy to install bookmarks or favorites, depending on
which browser you might use. Under the chrome menu, you would find
bookmarks. At the end of the options for bookmarks, there is a prompt
for import bookmarks and settings. I pressed that and all of my
bookmarks were moved into Chrome.


On 11/27/2017 11:03 AM, Bonnie Vegiard wrote:
I installed the extended release version for 64-bit machine’s, and so
far I’ve had no issues with it. I haven’t used it very much since doing
It was a straightforward install, and I did not run into any
problems. Are use jaws 18 and windows 10. I am interested in
switching to chrome, as I hear a lot of people really like it, but I
have to investigate how to change all my bookmarks over. Also, our
use the one password program, and I have to figure out how to install
the extension for chrome. All this is doable, but I just have not
gotten around to it. I found one password is pretty inconsistent with
Firefox. Does anyone know if it’s any better with chrome?
Thanks, Bonnie

On Nov 25, 2017, at 10:09 AM, Richard Turner
<> wrote:

For those who think they installed the ESR version but still cannot
use Firefox, make sure when you run the install file, you get
"Update" as an option. Double check the Help, About after
installation to be sure you have 52.5 ESR 32 bit. At least, some on
this list, have said run the 32 bit version even if you have a 64
bit machine as it works better with Jaws, apparently.
Here is the 32 bit link for US English:

For all other languages and versions of the ESR, go to:


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I';m having the same issue but I haven't upgraded to Jaws 2018 yet.
In the mean time, I'm using both Internet explorer and NVDA if you
want to use Firefox. IE still works well with Jaws and NVDA is
working well with Firefox for now. Just a little fix to consider.


On 11/25/2017 2:28 AM, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:
Hello again:
Firefox, is still not working with JAWS, even with the extended
support release. I downloaded and installed the ESR52.5 program,
and it is running.
But when I open firefox, I get this message:
"Display of tab content is disabled due to incompatibility with
your screen reader. Please update your screenreader, or switch to
firefox extended support release".
Does anyone have this problem even after installing ESR, how did
you get around it.
Or is there is fix for this new probllem created by firefox.
I did refresh firefox as suggested in the firefox help, but nothing
changed. In fact, I've now lost all my bookmarks.
Any help?
Ibrahim in Nigeria.


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