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Since joining the dark side, LOL, I have downloaded the JAWS 18 and now the 2018. I never gave getting the CD a second thought. Everything is so coded now. As in if purchasing office 365 at Best buy, they give you a card with the product key on it, after you purchase it of course. The same is true at Costco. They had a 4 TB external hard drive for $150. Do you get it off the shelf? NO. They have a card to take up to the check out counter and you get the actual product there.

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No, the downloaded version is always the better one to use because by the time the DVD's are received the new version of Jaws usually had at least one update so if you install from the DVD you just have to update right afterwards. I really think FS should ask their customers who wants a DVD and who doesn't and those who don't should get $10 off their SMA.

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Just got my Jaws 2018 disk today. Is there anything on this DVD versus the downloaded version of Jaws 2018?

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