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Hi, James. Which version of Outlook are you using, and are you trying to carbon copy someone, or are you trying to blind carbon copy someone? There is a different procedure for each of these?

Bill White

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Hi Carol, how do you do this within outlook?

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To place a name in a cc or bcc field, you need to first be on the to pulldown combo box.
Down arrow to cc or bcc and then tab once This places you in a new edit box for the new address

On 11/26/2017 7:40 PM, Elaine Young wrote:

I use Thunderbird and have one problem. I can't seem to figure out
how to put an address in the "cc" and "bc" field. I can get to the
fields but can't seem to get TB to allow me to put in a name to do an
auto email address. I've tried hitting enter and tab but can't seem to
get to the right place. Can someone help me? I am using JAWS 18 and TB
52.4.0. Other than this issue, I am doing great with TB and highly
recommend it!


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