Screen Readers Can't Talk After Upgrading Jaws to 2018

James Lee

Hi All,

After upgrading my Jaws from 18 to 2018, I got into a very strange
situation. Screen readers (,Jaws, NVDA, Narrator) can't speak. but,
sound is working fine. I checked the speaker setting, and the output
is set correctly.
I even completely reset my pc by selecting erasing everything.
After the reset was finished, Cortana came up, and I was able to
complete the windows setup with Narrator.
However, soon after my desktop was up, Narrator stopped talking, and I
could only hear the short sound effects when navigating.
Then I installed Jaws with a sighted person. However, Jaws couldn't talk either.
I tried to install NVDA, and I only hear the startup sound, with no speech.
I reset the PC again. The speech came back during the windows setup.
However, after the desktop came up, speech was gone again.
It seems like when Windows 10 pulls down my user settings from
Microsoft Account after the initial Windows setup, the speech gets
muted somehow.
Sound is working fine, but none of my screen readers could output speech.
Any idea what might be causing this?
I'm using Windows 10 Version 1703 (Creators Update) with Jaws 2018.


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