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Kelly Pierce


I saw your post about the specifics of your new computer in another
thread. Congratulations on a solid purchase decision. By putting
processor speed ahead of disc drives, you will have a fast and
reliable machine for many years. Products are projects of negotiation
and compromise inside companies. SSD drives are much more expensive
than rotating disc drives. The vast majority want a fast computer with
the latest processor at a reasonable price. Only a very few geeks are
willing to pay significantly extra for the SSD and rotating disc


On 11/26/17, Carol Smith via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Hi Kelly,

Thank you. I am likely to get the PC I saw last night. It doesn't have
the SSD, but I have found some very reasonable and hope to be able to
get someone that can help me with Win10 so I can make it my main drive.


On 11/25/2017 1:19 PM, Kelly Pierce wrote:

SSD drives do not slow down with more data stored on them like
rotating disc drives. With disc drives, data is scattered among
multiple platters in various physical places on the drive. The drive
head needs to travel to the various physical places on the different
platters to access different files on the disc. The fuller the disc,
the greater distance the drive head needs to travel. On an SSD drive,
data can be accessed anywhere electronically without any moving parts.
Most notebooks only have SSD drives today. As Sieghard said, just put
your audio files and things that you rarely access on an external hard
disc drive. I have tens of thousands of audio tracks and they sit on
a two terabyte disc drive for when I want them. I must say though
that I have all my Bookshare books on my SSD drive and backed up to
both OneDrive and my hard disc. The same is true for my audio books
from the library.

If a computer is at the center of your life for information access,
then definitely get an i7. I am often creating documents or audio
files with more than 20 windows open, bringing data from each to
create a final product. If Carol is the kind of person who wants a
secondary computer or just sits on her rump and Web surfs, then an i5
could work easily. The issue is not what Carol needs but what Carol
wants, the efficiency desired and the ease of use obtained. I lived
with Windows XP until December 2013 because I did not like Windows 7
and wanted the instant startup with Windows 8.


On 11/25/17, Carol Smith via Groups.Io <>
Hi Sieghard,

I have one last question about the SSD. If I start getting lots of
files on the SSD, will it slow down in performance? If this is the
case, shouldn't I get a smaller SSD and only keep those files that must
reside there and place everthing else on a secondary or external drive?
Thank you for your help.


On 11/24/2017 8:21 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
With email you typically don't have a choice or at least it's much more
difficult to store your Outlook.pst file (if Outlook is what you use) on
different drive than the default used by Outlook.
Other stuff like documents and especially music files and pictures and
videos you should have on a different drive. It really depends on how
data you have and how large of an SSD you buy, if you have a 480 Gb or
Gb SSD and you only have 100 or 200 Gb of stuff then you might as well
have it on the SSD.


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Hi Sieghard,

I think I have received more information today on this subject than I
ever received, grin. I have a lot to think about. One question, is it
best to install all programs to the SSD and store their results on a
different drive, i.e. load Goldwave from drive c and write results to
drive d, or should I write results to drive c also and then move the
to drive d? Should my documents and email , etc be stored on drive c?


On 11/24/2017 4:35 PM, Sieghard Weitzel wrote:
Hi Carol,

Just take a look at what is out there at a good deal. As others have
pointed out, 8 Gb of RAM is pretty good, I don't subscribe to Kelly's
believe that you need the latest i7 processor, most of my PC's at my
store have I5 processors and they do just fine, but if the price
difference is not too big then there is no reason to go with an I7.
I think if I had a choice between an I7 PC with a regular hard drive
an I5 option with an SSD for a similar price then I'd choose the I5
SSD because you do get much better performance from an SSD. Of course
you have tons of data you might want a regular hard drive or you can
with a smaller SSD just for the OS and your applications and use a USB
external hard drive for your data.
SSD's are not bad now even the ones around 480 to 512 Gb, but the 240
ones are still cheaper and if you are not worried about lots of data
a smaller SSD will be just fine, even a 120 Gb is 3 times what you
to run just Windows and Office and a few other things.
Earlier this year I purchased a couple of HP Elite Mini PC's, these
not laptops, but just very small PC's. I really like them.


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You dont need a super expensive system. You do need the fastest I5
processor you can afford and 8GB of ram. Everything else is optional.
the onboard sound, video and network is fine.
A good SSD is very nice to have. I like Samsung myself.
256GB is fine for your OS and programs. A seperate multi TB HDD is
for music and other things like One drive and dropbox On 11/24/2017
AM, Carol Smith via Groups.Io wrote:

I must get a new PC. I am looking for suggestions for one that will
meet the best use criteria for speech. Is 8g ram enough or should I
get 12? Should I get both SSD and SETA frives? If I neeed SSD, how
large should it be? Generally, which would be the best brand? I
this is a personal choice. I have had Dells for the last two
computers and am wondering if something else would be better. I have
Office 2007. Can I use 2007 on a win10 system or Should I get 2016?
My current PC is almost 8 years old and is beginning to do some wierd
stuff, so I thought I had better take care of getting a new one
this one gives up.

Finally, does anyone use a hybred and what do they think of it. I
know I do not want a notebook, so it must be either a hybred, a
laptop or another desktop. Thanks for any suggestions. Oh yes, I
would like to get one on sale today, grin.


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