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Sugar Lopez <sugarsyl71@...>

Thank you Mike

Yes I did and they will get back to me after a few days because after they tandum with me for 2 days, they couldn’t figure it out.




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Hi Sugar,


I would call VFO back & ask them why that error message keeps popping up.  Tha shouldn't be happening.

Take care.  Mike.  Dodgers, try again next year!
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Subject: Jaws error


Hi all

I just had VFO installed Jaws 17 from jaws 14

All is cool and I am doing well, however when I log on or reboot or restart, the following messeage pops up but in no way does it get in the way of what I do on my computer.

I still am able to work e mails and everything else.

We have uninstalled jaws, reinstalled it, repaired it but it still pops up.


I currently use

Windows 7

Microsoftoffice/outlook 2010

Del desk top,64machine

Does anyone know of this?


jfw.exe - System Error



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Sugar Lopez


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