Re: Unending problems with firefox

Gene Stevens

I have no such issue after installing the ESR version of Firefox. I'm using Jaws 18 on Windows 1709 and it works as it should.

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Thanks Mike for reminding me about google chrome. I've had it on my
computer for years now, and I seldom use it. Firefox has for years
been very convenient and fast for me. But it is now no longer usable.
I just want to get some help from you on the use of chrome.
Do you know the keystrokes shortcuts for chrome? the keystrok for
opening bookmarks, adding a page or bookmarking a page, deleting a
book mark, and so on.
When I activate the bookmark button, I have to scroll up to impor from
firefox in order to be able to access the bookmarks. Is there a
shortcut? what about history, and the others.
I imported bookmarks from firefox in to chrome some weeks ago.
If you can, please give me a brief tutorial on how to use chrome, or
refer me to a web page where I can get this information.
Thaks and kind regards.

On 11/25/17, Mike Rogers <> wrote:
I've used Firefox for years, but find that Google Chrome works really well
with Jaws 18 and 2018. I no longer bother with Firefox.


On Sat, 25 Nov 2017 08:28:16 +0100
"Ibrahim Ajayi" <> wrote:

Hello again:
Firefox, is still not working with JAWS, even with the extended
support release. I downloaded and installed the ESR52.5 program, and
it is running.
But when I open firefox, I get this message:
"Display of tab content is disabled due to incompatibility with your
screen reader. Please update your screenreader, or switch to firefox
extended support release".
Does anyone have this problem even after installing ESR, how did you
get around it.
Or is there is fix for this new probllem created by firefox.
I did refresh firefox as suggested in the firefox help, but nothing
changed. In fact, I've now lost all my bookmarks.
Any help?
Ibrahim in Nigeria.

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