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You dont need a super expensive system. You do need the fastest I5 processor you can afford and 8GB of ram. Everything else is optional.
the onboard sound, video and network is fine.
A good SSD is very nice to have. I like Samsung myself.
256GB is fine for your OS and programs. A seperate multi TB HDD is good for music and other things like One drive and dropbox

On 11/24/2017 6:00 AM, Carol Smith via Groups.Io wrote:

I must get a new PC.  I am looking for suggestions for one that will meet the best use criteria for speech.  Is 8g ram enough or should I get 12?  Should I get both SSD and SETA frives?  If I neeed SSD, how large should it be?  Generally, which would be the best brand?  I know this is a personal choice.  I have had Dells for the last two computers and am wondering if something else would be better.  I have Office 2007.  Can I use 2007 on a win10 system or Should I get 2016?  My current PC is almost 8 years old and is beginning to do some wierd stuff, so I thought I had better take care of getting a new one before this one gives up.

Finally, does anyone use a hybred and what do they think of it.  I know I do not want a notebook, so it must be either a hybred, a decent laptop or another desktop.  Thanks for any suggestions.  Oh yes, I would like to get one on sale today, grin.


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