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Carol Smith

Thank you, Richard.  I am trying to get someone to go out with me, grin, but I may try Dell and see what they are offering.  I don't use Office enough to warrant paying for the online version.  I mainly use it so I can open documents with Kurzweil.  There must be a program that opens a particular file type before Kurzweil can open it.  Otherwise, about the only thing I use Office for is creating address labels and an occasional spreadsheet. 


On 11/24/2017 9:22 AM, Richard Turner wrote:

We use Del Latitude laptops at my office.
They have been very stable and reliable over the years.
They are Business class, so they run around $1300 and up.
 Those of us at work that use Jaws have found 8 GB to be plenty, but if you can get 12, why not.
I've not use an SSD drive, but I've heard they are great and so much faster.
IF you do not plan to move the computer, stick with a desktop. You can get more for your money.
I personally would never have a hybrid. 
It seems that most computers have 1 TB drives these days.
If you go with Office 2016, the office 365 subscription also gets you 1 TB of OneDrive space.
My wife, who is sighted, recently bought a Del Inspiron laptop and loves it. It was only $480 with an I5 chip.
I would recommend the I7 chip for the tiny bit more processing speed since you will be running JAWS.
When my Toshiba laptop dies, I will buy a Del.
I hope whatever you choose, you can find on sale today.

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I must get a new PC.  I am looking for suggestions for one that will meet the best use criteria for speech.  Is 8g ram enough or should I get 12?  Should I get both SSD and SETA frives?  If I neeed SSD, how large should it be?  Generally, which would be the best brand?  I know this is a personal choice.  I have had Dells for the last two computers and am wondering if something else would be better.  I have Office 2007.  Can I use 2007 on a win10 system or Should I get 2016?  My current PC is almost 8 years old and is beginning to do some wierd stuff, so I thought I had better take care of getting a new one before this one gives up.

Finally, does anyone use a hybred and what do they think of it.  I know I do not want a notebook, so it must be either a hybred, a decent laptop or another desktop.  Thanks for any suggestions.  Oh yes, I would like to get one on sale today, grin.


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