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just to clear up some confusion you may have, that which JAWS calls
touch cursor is primarily what others would call object navigation. In
other words, instead of physically navigating the screen with a mouse,
or emulation thereof, you navigate the screen by objects. The use with
touch screens is also possible, but it's mainly a navigation feature for
operating systems where the JAWS cursor does not provide info anymore,
or where other methods of hooking into the system to expose
accessibility info must be used instead.

any comments, anybody?

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Subject: the touch cursor

You move with left and right arrows, up and down arrows change the
element you move by similar to turning the rotor in iOS and then swiping.
Did you know that Jaws has built-in help topics?
Just press Jaws Key+J to bring up the Jaws menu, go to Help and expand
it, go to Help Topics and press enter.
You can read the topic "About Jaws cursors" in the Introduction Book, if
it's not open expand it with right arrow, then arrow to "About Jaws
cursors", press enter on it and then F6 to jump into the reading screen
where you can read the explanations.
For more details use F6 again to jump back to the table of content, find
the "Using Jaws Book" and expand it, now go down to the "About Jaws
Cursors Book", expand it and go to the "Using the Touch Cursor" topic.
Again press enter and then F6 and read the information.
If you haven't spend time in these Help Topics I highly recommend you
look through all the books and topics, there is a ton of information
there and often very good explanations about how certain features of
Jaws work.
The only keystrokes you really need are the right arrow, down arrow,
enter and F6.


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Subject: Re: the touch cursor

yea i'm using win 10. What's the best way to move around with it once I
activate the touch cursor?

On 11/23/17, Bill White <> wrote:
Are you using Windows 10? If not, your touch cursor may not work reliably.

Bill White

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Subject: the touch cursor

Hey guys,

Can someone describe the touch cursor? It doesn't even seem to work.
I press the key combination to activate it, but all I hear is click
click click when I arrow up and down. Any ideas? I've never used
this cursor before.

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