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CathyAnne Murtha <cathy@...>

You can do this in your email account settings:


  1. Open Outlook backstage (ALT-F)
  2. Focus is on the “Info” category, navigate into the options with TAB and SHIFT-TAB
  3. Focus on and activate “Account Settings”
  4. This opens a drop-down list. Within the drop-down list, activate “Account Settings”


This opens the Account Settings dialog.

  1. Within the dialog, navigate with TAB and SHIFT-TAB until focus is on the list of email accounts
  2. Use UP and DOWN ARROW to select the account you’d like to edit
  3. Press SHIFT-TAB until you locate the “Change” button and activate it with SPACEBAR


This opens the settings dialog for the selected email account

  1. Locate and activate the “More Settings” button on this dialog
  2. This opens the “Internet Email Settings” dialog
  3. the first property sheet in the dialog is the “General” property sheet.
  4. The first control of the “General” property sheet is an edit field through which you can change the name of your email account
  5. Input your name and save the changes with the OK button
  6. Save the changes in the individual email account settings
  7. Activate the “Close” button of the Account settings


Close Outlook backstage and you’re done! The text you specified will now appear in the From field when you send email.






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Ii want to change something in the from field so when I send emails it shows my name. What is the shortcut command for this? 

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