Re: Creating accessible, fillable PDFs?

Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

Hi Joanne,

I live in Portland.

I can confirm the document is not accessible.

Have you heard of the website?  They host lots of webinars, some paid and some free.  I know they have done them on creating accessible PDF fillable forms.

Check it out at:






From: [] On Behalf Of Johnson, Joanne
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 9:42 AM
Subject: Creating accessible, fillable PDFs?


Hi Everyone,


I am having a lot of trouble making this fillable PDF accessible. (Both attached and at this link: )

Three JAWS users have said it’s not screen reader accessible. Specifically, that JAWS just says “document processing” and does not read the text.   


  I’ve added tooltips to the form fields, tagged the text, and adjusted the reading
  order. The “Read Out Loud” feature in adobe reads everything correctly. I’ve done a lot of research online, including using several guides to create accessible, fillable PDF forms and I’m still stuck.

 But when I run the accessibility checker, it does show *something *is off. it asks me to “caption” an “image” and it’s referring to all of page one!


I’m wondering if I tagged something incorrectly or the file size is somehow beyond the capacity of JAWs (which seems unlikely).   


Do you have any ideas about what went wrong or how to make it right?


Also, we are hoping to find a company who can create accessible documents and forms so that we know they are accessible the first time, every time. Does anyone have any suggestions for companies that do good work?


We would especially love to use an organization that prioritizes the lived experience of people who need/use assistive technology and one located in or near Portland, Oregon. But we’re open to any suggestions.

 Thanks for anything you can offer. I really appreciate your expertise and skill.






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