Re: Anyone tried and had success with Instacart?



I got my order and the experience was actually very good.

Nice to be able to have this service.

I re-downloaded the IOS app for Insta Cart and happy to say it is MUCH easier to work than the website.

I had downloaded this app several months ago and it was not this easy to work, using Voice Over. I can’t say but pretty sure it must have had some updates since I had uninstalled it and reinstalled it.

Don’t know why the website and Jaws don’t play well together but there is another way to skin that cat!

I hope this information may help some of you.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanks Giving day.



From: [] On Behalf Of Shannon
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 10:32 AM
Subject: Anyone tried and had success with Instacart?


I found myself lacking a few things for my contribution to Thanks Giving.

I thought I would order from Instacart and have the missing items delivered to me at work so I had them when I go home.

What an ordeal!

The web page was only navigable with the tab key. None of the quick nav keys worked. It kept edititing the search field when I tried.

I couldn’t seam to get the buffer to come back.

I tried it with Chrome, IE, and Jaws 18 and Jaws 2018.

I have auto forms mode turned off and it is set to manual.

 The escape key would not do anything to allow me to read the page. You have to tab your self silly!

And when you press on the very verbosely labelled button for add, a window popps up with the picture of the item.  You have to get that closed to move on. Don’t hit alt f4 because it closes the browser.

Has anyone used this with success? I was getting so frustrated I asked for help to finish.

Is it just me or is that site built badlly?

Is there a trick? I thought this might be a really nice and convenient thing but if it is that hard to do, no way!!

I tried it on the iphone with the app and it was also horrible.



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