Excel 2016 (Office 365) issues with Jaws 2018, was RE: Outlook crashes on Windows 7 PC when starting to type an address

Russell Solowoniuk



I too was having the problem of Excel 2016, as part of Office 365, crashing as soon as I typed the equal sign to start a formula. I called VFO and was sent an email message from Microsoft that had a link to a tool for completely uninstalling Office 365. I ran the tool, but it quit halfway through. After much fighting, I finally managed to get Office 365 re-installed. The issue with typing formulas in Excel is now fixed, but Jaws isn’t able to read anything in Excel. It’s really sluggish, and, once in a while will read the contents of the cell I move into, but more often than not, Jaws remains silent.


This is my work desktop machine running Windows 7 and Jaws 2018, latest version.


Has anyone experienced this? If so, is there a fix?


Thanks for any help.




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Somebody posted earlier about this. I was away for a couple of weeks and was just using my Windows 10 laptop, but when I was at work today where I still run Windows 7 along with Office 2016 via Office 365 subscription and Jaws 2018 the same thing is now happening as well.

If I start a new message and start typing a few letters so the auto complete should come up Outlook crashes.

I really hate Microsoft for screwing up Office all the time lately, Excel still crashes as well as soon as I type the equals sign to start a formula and FS or Microsoft barely fixes something when an Office update comes out and it’s messed up all over again.





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