Re: Recommendations for PDF form filling software?

Jason White

Adobe Reader can be used to fill in forms, but you need to ensure that the
PDF forms are carefully constructed and made accessible. Without significant
work, you can't just take an image of a form, convert it to text, and easily
fill it in.

The process of creating accessible PDF forms looks complex - see the details

For a project last year, a colleague of mine succeeded in doing this, and
the resultant form was accessible to screen reader users.

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Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: Recommendations for PDF form filling software?

Shannon, one way I have heard is to find a way to convert the PDF to a Word
document so it becomes editable and then you can "sign" it digitally.
in fact, I think Word (2013, 2016 or 365?) itself has the ability to
access/open/edit a PDF.
another solution I heard is using the Kurzweil 1000 which has many features
other than just being able to open and read PDF files, like signing.
I don't have any directions since I never experienced this dilemma.
I guess it would depend if the source from where the PDF originates from
would allow it since the PDF is being converted to an editable format so you
can fill out and sign it yourself.

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Subject: Recommendations for PDF form filling software?

Hello all,

It happens often that we are sent either by fax, (which is converted to a
pdf) or by email, pdf forms that need to be filled out and then signed.

Does anyone have any recommendations or tips on dealing with pdfs that are
not natively fillable forms or how to convert them into fillable forms?
Additionally it would be great if it would work with jaws?

I have found a really cool pdf form filler that works on the IOS platform
for those with sight but not at all for the Voice Over user.

I looked in the Windows store for the same app but I didn't see any version
of it.

On the Apple app store it is called adobe fill and sign.

Anyone know of a windows based pdf form filler that works with Jaws?



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