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George B

use a set of headphones so jaws can not hear what is being said from your p

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JSay is like 900, and I don't have that kind of money lol! RJ
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RJ, I hear that Dragon does work with jaws. You might want to
download a
program that allows them both to work together called J Say. This
jaws while you're talking to allow Dragon to properly interpret your
words. Good luck!

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Hi, I'm RJ, and I have some questions. First, I was looking into
purchasing dragon naturally speaking 11.5, and I'm running jaws
7.0 on a windows XP operating system. Will this configuration work?
purchased dragon naturally speaking once before, but could not get
it to
work with jaws 3.0. This was several years ago. I have a friend who
is a
techonlogy specialist with a rehabilitation agency, and he's told me
was unable to get and dragon and jaws to work RJtogether.
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