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Hi Joe,

Turning on keyboard help will allow you to explore the keyboard and find
commands to do various things. Press the insert key on the num pad, also
known as the JAWS key, and 1 on the numbers row to turn it on. You can then
press any key or key combination and JAWS will tell you what it does without
activating the command. This is a toggle so turn it off the same way you
turned it on with JAWS key plus the number 1 to return to normal keyboard

You should not have to switch cursors a lot on the Internet, at least in my
experience. You can read the entire page with JAWS key and down arrow on
the num pad. Stop speech at any time with the control key. You can go to
the top of the page by pressing control plus home on the num pad and the
bottom of the page by pressing control plus end on the num pad. This is
with the desktop keyboard layout.

When you have keyboard help turned on you can also press different letter
keys and find out what they do. Do this while you are in Internet Explorer
since there can be different commands depending on which program you are

There are also keystrokes to show the form fields, headings or links on a
page. These are JAWS key plus F5, JAWS key plus F6, and JAWS key plus F7,
respectively. You can then arrow down through those various elements. You
can activate a link in the links list by entering on that link. You can
exit the list of elements by pressing escape. You can explore these
keystroke combinations with the keyboard help I mentioned above also.

If you hold down JAWS key on the num pad and then hit F1 twice quickly while
you are in Internet Explorer, you will find lots of help topics. Press F6
to move to the links about using Internet Explorer. One topic that might be
helpful to you early on is Internet Explorer Getting Started. Press enter
on that link to read about navigating web pages.

I know there is a lot to explore and learn when you are new to JAWS. It is
a powerful program, but also quite complex and can be daunting to a new
user. Good luck and I hope things begin to make sense and get easier for
you soon.


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hi all

sorry as I no this will be a silly question for most but I am new to jaws
and not getting on all that well with it!!
for my first question when I am, on a page on the net how do I get jaws to
read it all I want to do is use my cursor keys to move around the screen and
I have tried the 3 cursors the jaws cursor invisible cursor and the
virtual cursor but well it seems a bit hit and miss what it will read.
I am using jaws 12 and windows 7.
I did try and look at the jaws web sight but well as I cant work out how to
get around web sights well I say no more.

cheers Joe
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