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Shirley Tracy

Thanks, Nancy. I took Richard's advice, and it helped some. But I assumed that it is set to wrap so the info will go underneath in that cell. I just printed it off, so I'll have someone look later today and see if it did. Thanks. I might have to change a setting? I am learning to be more comfortable with Excel--at least what small thing I'm doing.

Shirley Tracy

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If the information you have in each column doesn't necessarily have to be on one line, you can also enable text wrap so at the end of the designated column length the information automatically wraps down to the next line of the same cell. If I heard the menu right, it was ALT-H then W. This is Excel 2007.

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in your roster, ideally every field (first name, last name, street address, city, state, ZIP, etc.) is in a separate field (e.g., column). Then, what you need to do is use the "auto fit column width" command to ensure that the contents of the field fits within the column's width.

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Greetings all:

You already know I'm not very tech savvy. I am keeping the roster for our writers club. So far so good. And thank all of you who have given me helpful advice. Now, I am supposed to print the roster. JAWS reads the entire cell (such as the person's address) but sighted friends say they can't see the entire cell.
Moreover, the entire address doesn't print. How do I fix this? Obviously, I don't know enough to understand what is happening here. And I think I'm the only member of our club who even bravely steps out and tries to do this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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