Re: financing for jaws, Why Not CrowdFunding?

Jenni Kent

actually you have no idea what i am doing as far as job seeking I have to get on a six month housing waiting list and may have a job in a month I am working with ticket to work agencies as well.
I want to work badly I applied for a job but got turned down.

On 11/20/2017 12:49 PM, Kelly Pierce wrote:
I know that raising expectations and speaking forcefully about
economic independence and personal responsibility will not bring me
applause. Yet, it is what people need to do not necessarily what they
want to do. The op said she was laid off from her job and is now
waiting for the phone to ring to be called back. I don’t wait around
for phones to ring. There are seven billion people in this world and
most of them are spending money or in need of services. I can fulfill
the needs of some and take their money in the process. Increasing
numbers of employers are hiring blind people and the Internet has
opened up many opportunities.


On 11/18/17, Sieghard Weitzel <> wrote:
Hi Kelly,

I know we disagree at times about things, but I couldn't have said it better
although I wasn't going to say it.
A lot of the crowdfunding campagnes people do are in my opinion are no
different from glorified online begging except that an actual begger has to
work harder for what they get.
I would probably qualify your statement to get a job or start a business by
saying that for some people due to their disability and maybe multiple
disability this may not be possible, but in that case NVDA which is free
unless you choose to donate to them is probably more than adequate to do
what they want to do.
Also, even people who are on some sort of assistance program usually find
money for some luxuries and by foregoing those for a time they could
probably raise the money over a 2 or 3 year period to buy Jaws and once you
have Jaws I really hate it when people bitch about the SMA which for the
home version is $120 every two years. This works out to $5 a month so just
buy 1 or 2 less coffees or whatever most of us spend money on if you feel
you really need Jaws.
Just yesterday somebody from Nigeria posted a message with a Jaws question
and he said he is running the demo version because he can't afford to buy
it. This I can of course believe because many people here even if they live
on a very small amount of money still have a lot more than a large portion
of the population in many countries in the world. Here is somebody who makes
due with having to reboot his computer every 40 minutes. Even if Jaws did a
better job with some task, then you could just run NVDA for most of what you
do and use Jaws in demo mode if you do whatever it is that works better with
Jaws, you can actually do quite a bit in 40 minutes.


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Another way besides begging to raise needed funds is to find a job or start
a small business. Computers and the Internet enable many to work at home.

Another way besides begging to raise needed funds is to find a job or start
a small business. Computers and the Internet enable many to work at home.


On 11/17/17, Peter Donahue <> wrote:

We're dealing with the same situation here. Perhaps it's time some of
us tried CrowdFunding as a way to raise needed funds to cover these
People raise funds for all kinds of personal and corporate projects
and individual needs this way. It's time we tapped the power of the
crowd to help us cover the cost of buying and upgrading assistive
technology as an alternative to voke rehab and other public funding
sources. We plan to launch our own crowdfunding site to upgrade our
assistive technology by year's end. If someone beats us to it that's
wonderful! All the best.

Peter Donahue

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I am trying to upgrade my jaws and get an sma I live in Iowa In
Missouri there was the tap-i program that paid for assistive tech for
you every few years so you could access the internet. Now I am stuck
because I need this and don't know a way to get it i wish fs had a
payment plan for jfw so people could pay for jaws and an sma I could
do that but this six hundred bucks all at once crap is rediculous.

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