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Hi everyone,

I know about the JAWS cursor and the PC cursor but what's this invisible
cursor and how do you switch to it. I too am using JAWS 12 and Windows 7.


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hi all

sorry as I no this will be a silly question for most but I am new to jaws
and not getting on all that well with it!!
for my first question when I am, on a page on the net how do I get jaws to
read it all I want to do is use my cursor keys to move around the screen and
I have tried the 3 cursors the jaws cursor invisible cursor and the
virtual cursor but well it seems a bit hit and miss what it will read.
I am using jaws 12 and windows 7.
I did try and look at the jaws web sight but well as I cant work out how to
get around web sights well I say no more.

cheers Joe
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