Re: Jaws 2018 goes silent at PIN log-in

Maria Campbell

My JAWS 2018 goes silent if I do an insert plus space plus s to turn speech off for some time then try to get speech back.  This is why I keep NVDA as a back up.



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On 11/20/2017 9:47 AM, Robert Logue wrote:

I should read more carefully.

I'm not using a pin but I do experience the same problem with Jaws not talking at the logon screen, especially after waking up.


On 2017-11-20 8:43 AM, Robert Logue wrote:

This happens with Jaws 18 on my system. Latest updates.


On 2017-11-19 10:52 AM, John Gurd via Groups.Io wrote:

I just updated to Windows 10 Fall edition. Now when I turn my PC on Jaws 2018 speaks some background activity at the PIN log-in prompt and then goes silent. I have to load Narrator to enter my PIN and Jaws comes back to life. Also it doesn’t show up in the system tray and pressing JawsKey-J does not work. If I unload Jaws and restart it again it works fine. The same thing happens with my laptop. Is anyone else experiencing this with the PIN login in particular?




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