Re: Jaws 2018 goes silent at PIN log-in

Soronel Haetir

I experience the same thing, I get the usual jaws startup message and
then nothing. If I use password login jaws works fine.

On 11/19/17, John Gurd via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Yes, that was the first thing I checked. It is set to load at the logon
screen. I think it may not be scripted for the Windows Fall Edition PIN
login. That's why I'd like to hear from anyone using the same login.


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Not a Win 10 expert, but check your JAWS options under the startup. Make
sure it is set to start up after logon for all users or specifically for

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Subject: Jaws 2018 goes silent at PIN log-in

I just updated to Windows 10 Fall edition. Now when I turn my PC on Jaws
2018 speaks some background activity at the PIN log-in prompt and then goes
silent. I have to load Narrator to enter my PIN and Jaws comes back to
Also it doesn't show up in the system tray and pressing JawsKey-J does not
work. If I unload Jaws and restart it again it works fine. The same thing
happens with my laptop. Is anyone else experiencing this with the PIN login
in particular?


Soronel Haetir

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