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Hi Shirley,

One feature I love about Jaws 2018 is the fact that I can now recognize any image file with ?Convenient OCR, it is no longer just PDF files which have to be open in Acrobat Reader. Now if you have a Jpg or tif file you just right click on the file in Windows explorer and choose "Recognize with Jaws" from the context menu.


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No. Your JAWS 18 is already compatible with Windows 10, so installing JAWS
2018 now will not affect that process. BTW the JAWS 2018 on the FS web site download page is already one version higher than your DVD. You could just as well put away that DVD for archival purposes and just download the latest JAWS 2018 to install.

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Hi everyone,

I just received my JAWS 2018 disk. I'm running Windows 7, and currently I am
using JAWS 18. Are there any benefits to installing the new disk as opposed
to just waiting until I eventually go to Windows 10?

Thank you for your opinions.


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