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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Are you using Windows 7 or Windows 10?

Keep in mind that many keyboards don’t have an application key and if that is the case Shift+F10 will do the same as the application key.

Also, in Windows 10 the application key doesn’t do anything, just press enter and tab once to Uninstall.

Lastly, just uninstalling Jaws 17 will not fully uninstall it, the Jaws 17 Talking Installer will remain on the system.

You might want to consider uninstalling all Freedom Scientific entries in Programs and Features, but make sure to leave shared components and, if you want to merge settings, leave your user settings.

I usually start by uninstalling FS Reader, then the various Omnipage OCR applications and lastly the Talking Installer and the Video Intersept which I believe is no longer used by Jaws 2018.

At some point there may be no more speech, use Narrator to finish uninstalling all Freedom Scientific items.

When done run the Jaws 2018 installer, all it takes when it starts running is to press the spacebar to check the “I Agree” and then enter to start the installation, everything from there is automated, no more pressing Next a few times and all that. At the very end it tells you that it’s done, you press enter, then it tells you you need to reboot and you press enter one more time, let it reboot and that’s it.

It’s a very nice and simple installer now.





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I have installed JAWS2018. What is the procedure to remove JAWS17?

cletus Hostetler

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