financing for jaws, Why Not CrowdFunding?

Peter Donahue


We're dealing with the same situation here. Perhaps it's time some of us tried CrowdFunding as a way to raise needed funds to cover these expenses. People raise funds for all kinds of personal and corporate projects and individual needs this way. It's time we tapped the power of the crowd to help us cover the cost of buying and upgrading assistive technology as an alternative to voke rehab and other public funding sources. We plan to launch our own crowdfunding site to upgrade our assistive technology by year's end. If someone beats us to it that's wonderful! All the best.

Peter Donahue

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I am trying to upgrade my jaws and get an sma I live in Iowa In Missouri there was the tap-i program that paid for assistive tech for you every few years so you could access the internet. Now I am stuck because I need this and don't know a way to get it i wish fs had a payment plan for jfw so people could pay for jaws and an sma I could do that but this six hundred bucks all at once crap is rediculous.

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