Re: Getting Jaws to read line Numbering in MS Word

Laura Wolk

OK, it took a few tries, but someone at VFO told me how to do this.
For anyone else who may need to know, routing jaws to the PC cursor
will display the line number both in speech and on the Braille


On 11/17/17, Richard Turner <> wrote:

I do not know, but have you tried either calling VFO support or Microsoft
Accessibility Support?
Microsoft's number is 800-936-5900


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On Nov 17, 2017, at 2:45 AM, Laura Wolk
<<>> wrote:


I asked this question a few months ago, but I'm trying again in a more
targeted fashion in hopes of getting an answer.

I have jaws 18, Windows 7, and Word 2010.

I work in a field that frequently requires documents to have
continuous line numbering turned on in word. Staff will often
communicate ideas about shared documents by referencing particular
line numbers in the document. I can use insert+delete to tell me the
line number of the **page**, but I cannot figure out how to get jaws
to tell me the number of the line with respect to the entire document.
Note, I know that I can use the "go to" function to go to a particular
line number, but I also need to be able to extract the information to
communicate with other people about my own ideas.

I also have a Braille display. I have status cells turned off, and I
have tried playing with turning them on to see if that would give me
the information, but that doesn't seem to be working. Any assistance
is greatly appreciated.


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