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I do not know about JFW 7. With recent versions of JAWS including 11-13,
JAWs can work with Dragon as long as you are a competent JAWs user and
willing to be a little flexible. You have to use the JAWs cursor and hear
some extraneous speech. The ideal combination for speech recognition
involves using J-Say, but this is an expensive proposition.


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Hi, I'm RJ, and I have some questions. First, I was looking into purchasing
dragon naturally speaking 11.5, and I'm running jaws version 7.0 on a
windows XP operating system. Will this configuration work? I purchased
dragon naturally speaking once before, but could not get it to work with
jaws 3.0. This was several years ago. I have a friend who is a techonlogy
specialist with a rehabilitation agency, and he's told me he was unable to
get and dragon and jaws to work RJtogether.
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