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Jonas Voll

I was not able to get OneDrive Working was you able to sett it up using Jaws?
I have an Microsoft account!
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If you use either Dropbox or OneDrive then the easiest way is to enable screenshots in one of those services. Then simply pressing PrintScreen will take a screenshot and save it to a folder of your choosing as a PNG file.

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Hi good people:
I joined the group not too long ago, but I've not been posting.
I sent a post two days ago, wanting to know if anyone had solutions to the problem I am having with my web browser firefox and JAWS. From the responses I read to other people's posts, I learnt that the problem is a general problem. It is a problem that appears to defy solutions for now.
I have new issues, which I will like fellow members to please kindly help me address.
I am having problems with screenshots. When I do a screenshot of a web page using the print screen key on my laptop, and copy and paste it into the pint submenu, and subsequently send it, I am informed by the receipient that the screenshot is not visible. I've tried it several times, and the problem remains the same. I use firefox with it. I also use JAWS 16.
Please how can I fix this problem of screenshots not being visible.
What can I do to make the screenshots visible.
Added to this, does anyone use snagit from techsmith? how is it used to do a screenshot of a webpage.
Looking forward to reading from you chaps.
I am Ibrahim Ajayi.

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