Re: Computer repeatedly getting freezed because of Firefox


When you say the latest version of Firefox, do you mean Firefox 57 also known as Firefox Quantum? If so then the fact that this version of Firefox causes major issues for as far as I know all screenreaders has been discussed a lot on various lists. Even the latest version of Jaws 2018 or NVDA does not work well with Firefox 57 and apparently won’t be going forward until various changes are made possibly by the makers of screenreaders but maybe also by Firefox.

If upgrading Jaws is an option for you I’d highly recommend it because Google Chrome with Jaws 18 and Jaws 2018 is perfectly accessible. There are a few websites where Chrome won’t read certain information and IE and Firefox will read it, but for me Chrome works great 98% of the time and it’s very fast. But you are correct, I don’t think it will work with Jaws 16.

If you want to continue with Firefox I believe they recommend that screenreader users switch to the Firefox ESR version, that stands for “Extended Support Release”. Normally this is what companies and large organisations would use since it is less on the cutting edge and won’t update nearly as frequently. If you Google “Firefox ESR” you will find the link to it.





From: [] On Behalf Of Chris
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 2:05 AM
Subject: Re: Computer repeatedly getting freezed because of Firefox


You say you are using an older version of jaws, but use the latest version of firefox???

Now i don’t get this personally, but i suggest you either upgrade jaws or down grade firefox , which is the better option, to a version that works together nicely



From: Rahul Bajaj
Sent: 14 November 2017 08:33
Subject: Computer repeatedly getting freezed because of Firefox


Hi All,


I am using JAWS 16, Windows 10 and the latest version of Firefox.

Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, Firefox has been functioning in

a very erratic fashion.

More specifically, when I open certain webpages (news stories, for

instance) or clicking on the sign in button on any page, Firefox stops

responding and JAWS itself stops responding.


The only solution in such a situation is to restart the computer.

Firefox is my preferred browser, because I find IE relatively slower,

and Google Chrome is not accessible with JAWS, from what I know.

If anyone here has any ideas as to why this may be happening or as to

the accessibility of Chrome, please let me know.







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