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What exactly Do you mean if I wanted to use the VPN on someones network?
Would that be like connecting to a different unit in this building, that is
connected to the same network that I am connected to? Simple example I am
sitting at my desk and need something off a unit that is in another office.
My copy of Jaws would not need the added Remote Connection promissions to do
that? I could in theory get into that unit and reach it's files? Can I get
into that unit and run it's programs with my coppy of Jaws on my unit?
The idea is appealing. Not sure how I would structure things but I could
see times it could be handy to be able to get something from one of the
other employees units instead of having to ask that they move it to the
shared drive or getting them to send me something from their unit. Less


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I don't think you need the remote desktop add on if you are using a vpn on
someones network. However, you might need it if you want to log on to a
computer on that network remotely.

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[1 <text/plain; us-ascii (quoted-printable)>]
[2 <text/html; us-ascii (quoted-printable)>] You need to call FS and
ask them to enable Remote Desktop, there is an extra charge for that, but
I?ve had it for so long that I can?t remember how much it is.

If you do have it enabled, the router at your workplace has to be enabled
for remote desktop and your particular computer needs to be assigned a port.

It is also best if your workplace has a fixed IP address because you need
to know the IP address as well as the port in order to connect using Remote
Desktop on your computer at home.

You would have to check with your employer if they are willing to set this
up for you, I?m self-employed so I can do what I want with my router and

It?s a bit of work to set it all up, but once you have it up and running
it works well as long as you have a fast internet connection at home as well
as at work.

I have my credentials saved and I just reboot my PC at my store when I
go home, if I want to connect I just press enter on the Remote Desktop
connection shortcut I saved to my desktop and it connects without me having
to do anything, after about 10 seconds Jaws on my Windows 7 PC at work
starts talking and I can use the computer the same way as if I sat in front
of it.

I do by the way use a Windows 10 laptop at home, but that is not a



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Subject: Remote connections?

Hi again all,

I am wondering how the remote connections work with Jaws 18.

I am not talking about the tandem help but actually being at home and
using a VPN connection back to the office.

I believe that I have the professional copy of Jaws 18 and I should be
able to do it but I don?t know how it works.

Anyone here done it and how well does it work?

We are doing some updates to the computer infrastructure and I want to
make sure that we have all things necessary to do all the things we may want
to do.

I have had to use such a feature in the past with WE and Windows 7.

I am now running Win 10 and Jaws 18 on my work unit.

Can I pull this off?

If I can?t do it with a VPN connection through the firewall will it work
with a Remote Desktop License?

Thanks for any advice


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