Remote connections?


Hi again all,

I am wondering how the remote connections work with Jaws 18.

I am not talking about the tandem help but actually being at home and using a VPN connection back to the office.

I believe that I have the professional copy of Jaws 18 and I should be able to do it but I don’t know how it works.

Anyone here done it and how well does it work?

We are doing some updates to the computer infrastructure and I want to make sure that we have all things necessary to do all the things we may want to do.

I have had to use such a feature in the past with WE and Windows 7.

I am now running Win 10 and Jaws 18 on my work unit.

Can I pull this off?

If I can’t do it with a VPN connection through the firewall will it work with a Remote Desktop License?


Thanks for any advice


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