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Ann Byrne

when JAWS stops at the end of a page I change the view. I think I change it to normal, but if yours is set to normal change it to print view. that always fixes it for me.

Instead of starting in Word and then going to Open, go to the files list with My computer or Windows Explorer--Windows key plus e. Arrow to the file you want and press enter to open it.

good luck

At 06:43 PM 7/7/2011, you wrote:

As to your first question: I have experienced the same thing.
What I do is change to use the #2 from the numpad.
Don't have any idea why this helps.

As to #2, I sure hopes someone knows that answer! I would also love to
Barbara Anne

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Problems with page preaks
Try set the document view to draft:
f6 to status bar and arrow to draft button, enter.


From: Eric Caron
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Hello JFW list members,

My name is Eric Caron. I am new to this list and thought I would do a quick
intro before asking a few questions.

I live in Vermont USA and use computers both at work and at home, though for

different uses. At work I use windows machines and do mostly internet
programs and Microsoft word. At home I use a Apple and do more with audio
editing, personal music organization and listening, and many internet
activities. I have just upgraded at work to a Windows 7 machine using Jaws
12. I also run XP on my Mac for occasional use but plan to add Windows 7

I came to this list because I have found the support lists of blind mac
users very helpful and would be lost without them. I wanted to find a
similar group of blind JAWS Windows users.

I have been using JAWS since version 3.1 or something like that. I'm
feeling a little rusty now because of the change to Windows 7 and so on.
I'm really looking forward to sharing knowledge and assistance on this list.

On to a question.

I'm using the newest Microsoft word program and have noticed a strange
behavior with many of my files. I work with just over 200 students and have

many many files. Lately when I open a word file about half the time the
following happens. I'll be arrowing down the page reading line by line then

suddenly I can not arrow down any more. This happens even though the file
may be a few pages longer then the spot it stops. If I go to the end of the

document say by hitting control end I can then arrow up through the rest of
the document to the point it previously stopped. It will then no longer let

me arrow up any further. I've noticed this seems to happen at a page
I can then use control home to get to the top of the document and then arrow

down but again only as far as the point when the new page starts.
Any ideas how I can get back full control over my files?

Second word question. when I am in word 2010 or whatever the latest version

is, I control O and the dialogue box opens. I have to tab around a lot to
get to the thumb drive I store my data on. Is there a short cut key to get
to that part of the dialogue box?

Thanks for any assistance.

I'm looking forward to being part of this community.
Eric Caron

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