Re: Jaws doesn't speak new output in command prompt as it appears

Tony Malykh

Thank you! Yes, I am using Windows 10. Hope they will fix it in Jaws
soon, since it seems to be such basic functionality.

On 11/10/17, Bill White <billwhite92701@...> wrote:
Hi, Tony. I just spoke to VFO technical support. They are aware of this
command prompt bug, and they plan to put out updated versions of JAWS which
fix the problem.

Bill White

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Subject: Jaws doesn't speak new output in command prompt as it appears

Hello listers,

I work a lot in command prompt window (also known as console/terminal)
in Windows. Some time ago, probably a few months ago, Jaws stopped
reading new output as it appears in the window. I can still get the
current line by pressing Insert+8, or I can switch to Jaws cursor and
read all the contents, but that's pretty inefficient, since I'd have
to do it for every command that I type. Is this a bug in Jaws or is
there a magic checkbox in Jaws settings that I need to check to make
it to work?

I know there is one workaround for this: turning one "Use legacy
console" checkbox in command prompt options solves the issue. That's
what I have been using so far, but now I need to use a program that
requires the new console.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!

Thank you

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