Re: Is There a JFW2018 Home Use Version?

David Pearson

Hello Dani:

I hadThe Jaws 2018 release downloaded to my desktop pc a few days ago from FS(via tandem), and when it starts, it does say "home use". so I guess that there is a home use version. As to the call to FS, it's probably your best option for a knowledgeable answer.


David S. Pearson

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From: Dani Pagador
Sent: Friday, November 10, 2017 9:22 AM
Subject: Is There a JFW2018 Home Use Version?

Hi, Everyone.
When I checked my serial number at FS's site, it showed that I have
one upgrade remaining before I can renew my SMA.

I'm using JFW17 Home.

I tried upgrading to JFW2018 and both the Tandem and Non-tandem
versions are listed as Professional. Both ask for activations when I
try to use them.

Would anyone on list know if there's an upgrade for the Home version?
I'll call FS Monday to check with them, but was wondering if a list
member might have an answer in the meantime.


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