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Soronel Haetir

My experience has been that jaws doesn't work well using auto-start in
remote situations (whether connecting to a local VM or an actual
remote desktop), but I also haven't poked at it enough to try and
figure out why. If I had to guess I would think it's because jaws is
trying to start before the communication channel is ready but I do not
know that for a fact. If I start jaws manually it works fine.

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Place Jaws in the startup folder!

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Subject: Question about starting JAWS automatically

Hi all! I have a quick question regarding what happens when you set JAWS to
start automatically. When you set this up, does that mean that a key is
written to the Windows registry. I have a situation where I am trying to
access a virtual desktop and would like it to start talking automatically.
I'm told that they do not want anything being written to the registry,
because that is how malware can be spread. Now before everyone goes crazy
over that statement, I can understand that they don't want programs writing
things to the registry arbitrarily. Their correct in wanting to protect
their platform. No one has said that JAWS is Malware. The admins are
simply trying to protect their platform.
I'm just wondering if this is truly what is happening when we set JAWS to
start automatically. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Soronel Haetir

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