Re: Outlook 2016 with Jaws 18 and sending a message


All I can sayu is to tell both Freedom Scientific and Microsoft, I am almost sure this was caused by a recent Office update since there was no Jaws update since this started and either Microsoft or Freedom Scientific needs to do something to correct this problem. For me at least it only happens on Windows 7 machines.
Only work-around is to turn Jaws off, type your email address or part of one and press tab once or twice, then turn Jaws back on.

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From: [] On Behalf Of Tom Behler
Sent: Thursday, November 9, 2017 5:02 AM
Subject: Re: Outlook 2016 with Jaws 18 and sending a message

Yes, I have experienced this problem with Outlook crashing when trying to enter a contact address into the "to field". In fact, I have posted a quiry about this on this list.

The problem just started occurring within the past few days.

An Outlook repair has been suggested, but I have not tried that yet.

Also, am going to see if the problem occurs with NVDA.

If anyone else has experienced this problem and has a fix, please let us know.

I'm not sure if it's a Jaws or a Microsoft problem.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2017 5:14 AM
Subject: Outlook 2016 with Jaws 18 and sending a message

Hi: When in outlook, the messages list, and I hit control there are edit fields where I can type in the name of the recipient. However, when I hit the first letter, outlook closes. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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