Joomla with JAWS 13 (was CPanel with JAWS 13)

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Wow! I was Really, really tired when I wrote that post. The problem is Joomla with JAWS 13, not CPanel with JAWS 13. I can't get the submenus under Site, Menus, Content, Components, Extensions, Tools, ect. to appear, unless I go back to my previous JAWS 10 (Even then, I had to use the JAWS cursor.). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I am having no issues using CPanel and I run all of my databases and
websites off its interface.

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CPanel is very accessible with later versions of JAWS, assuming you're using
the default CPanel theme (I believe it's called x3). With that theme, no
use of the JAWS cursor is required at all and it behaves like any other
normal webpage. If you're not using that theme, you should be able to switch
to it from within your CPanel interface. If you can't, talk to your web host
about enabling that theme for accessibility reasons. If they won't do so,
consider looking for a new host.

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Subject: CPanel with JAWS 13

Are any webmasters having problems switching between the menus in CPanel
with JAWS 13? I have been using JAWS 10, and, although I must use the mouse
the mouse commands to go between the site, menu, content, component,
extensions, tools, etc., CPanel has been accessible. However, JAWS 13 will
not, for one, stay in JAWS cursor mode, because the screen changes as the
menus pop up, and the menus then disappear, because I didn't click on one,
since JAWS switched back to PC cursor. Even if I can get to where I want to
click, I don't usually get the intended result. Anyone else using CPanel
with JAWS 13 with any ideas?

Lori of Ferrets at Heart
Ferret rescue of Huron, Ohio
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