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Hi David,
If you have an icon on your desk top for the program you want to have run maximized,  try the following:
1. Highlight the icon and press, alt + enter, for the properties.
2. Tab to, Run, and there should be a combo box with the following options Normal Window, Minimized, & Maximized.
3. Arrow down to, Maximized, and then tab to, Apply, press the spacebar, tab to, Okay, press the enter / spacebar to save your changes & close.

If you don't have the Icon  on the desk top then do the following:
1. Go to, programs, in the start menu or the proper Programs Files folder on the route of the C drive, find the program folder & open it.
2. Highlight the executable for the program, press your applications key, arrow up to, properties and press enter
3. Arrow down to, Send To, & press enter. 
4. Arrow to, Desktop Create Shortcut, & press enter.
5. Now you can follow the first 3 steps from the top of this message.
Note: The icon that you created on your desktop from the program executable might be named something like, Program Name - shortcut.  To change the name:
1. Highlight the icon & press your, F2, key.
2. You are now in an edit field so, change the name to what you want to name it & press enter to save the change & close.
Take care.  Mike.  Dodgers, try again next year!
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Hello list:

Downloaded Jaws 2018(via "tandem") today, and now Windows Live Mail isn't
automatically maximized when I open the app(it always used to be).  The
timing of this    may just be a coincidence, but would appreaceate the steps
needed to maximize my WLM program when opened, and what's needed so it's at
"max" every time it's opened from now on.

Much thanks,

David S. Pearson

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