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Hi Annabelle,
If you want to learn how or what the Tutor & message option does / works you can assign a different voice to it in Jaws Options / Voices / Voice Adjustment, & get a real good feel for how it works, & what it reports.
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Subject: Tutor Messages and JAWS

Hi, it's Annabelle.
I'm making this app that is designed with the Qt widgets and C++ Programming Language, and I'm wondering, how would I create what JAWS describes as a tutor message? Would that be the same as creating a QToolTip? A QLabel? A QWhatsThis? I'm asking this because I have somebody helping me on the Qt Forum via Chat, a guy by the username of SGaist, and he says he only has a virtual machine with Windows 10. Is it possible for me to have a link where I can direct him to a basic test version of JAWS that only requires a minimum amount of space, so he can test out the parameter that I want to create in my app? That is, the tutor message parameter?

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