Re: Tutor Messages and JAWS


well, he could install the last non tandum build of JAWS, and if the VM
environment doesn't have Internet access, he won't be getting the OCR
functionality. I think this is the way to go unless someone else knows
of an "at least" installation of JAWS; this means no Tandum and no OCR.

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Sent: Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017 3:52 PM EST
Subject: Tutor Messages and JAWS

Hi, it's Annabelle.
I'm making this app that is designed with the Qt widgets and C++ Programming
Language, and I'm wondering, how would I create what JAWS describes as a
tutor message? Would that be the same as creating a QToolTip? A QLabel? A
QWhatsThis? I'm asking this because I have somebody helping me on the Qt
Forum via Chat, a guy by the username of SGaist, and he says he only has a
virtual machine with Windows 10. Is it possible for me to have a link where
I can direct him to a basic test version of JAWS that only requires a
minimum amount of space, so he can test out the parameter that I want to
create in my app? That is, the tutor message parameter?

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