Re: j2018 won't focus in Chrome


try left mouse clicking on the screen.
have you pressed jaws 6 to find out if a script file and center has been created?
then you can load the center and look in the user settings for web html. somewhere in there is the option to have jaws speak all. then it will read the web pages as you go to them.

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From: Stan Holdeman
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2017 2:31 AM
Subject: j2018 won't focus in Chrome

Good morning Listers: Installed J2018 and everything worked great for a day or so. Then last night J2018 would not focus on any website using Chrome.

I have enough sight to see that the page is there as it usually is, but I cannot get J2018 to focus. Have tried all key combos I know of to obtain focus. And, yes, I have restarted the computer.

J18 still works Okay, fortunately.

Any suggestions?


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