Re: 2018 with a 250 G hardrive?


unless you are saveing a lot of music ,pictures or games you should have plentty of space.
i have a 500gb solid state drive and still have 240gb free.
this is with windows 10, openbook, window eyes, 2 versions of jaws,about 6 speech voices, wlm,firefox 52, gold wave , text aloud, itunes to backup my iphone,, and about 6 gb of setup installations for those programs, dropbox with 2 gb of files which need copies of the files before they will be uploaded.
etc. etc.

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Subject: 2018 with a 250 G hardrive?

I was given a HP lap top by a charitable group sponsored by the government.
It has 6 Gigs of ram and a 250 G hard drive. Is that enough to run JAWS
2018 as well as other related products? The agent knew I was blind.
Perhaps the agent being sighted was not aware of the size of hard drive needed. After all, he didn't know Window Eyes had been discontinued. I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth however, fear the hard drive is not big enough to handle accessibility products. It was suggested I just send the lap top back.

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